• Health Risk Assessment

   HealthSecure is yours for life, anywhere, anytime.

  • HRA is an assessment of the severity or likelihood of an adverse health outcome due to an exposure to environmental, biological, or social conditions. Through a comprehensive questionnaire, it helps you identify which individuals are at risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and other serious health problems. It also gives evidence-based recommendations for reducing risk and enhancing health. It evaluates the risk, and gives suggestions for lifestyle choices associated with good health - including fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight management, and safety.

   HRA is an online tool, and hence is accessible from anywhere at any time.

   Features of the HRA online tool are:

    • Easy-to-complete questionnaire
    • Links to extensive health improvement content
    • Extensive and customizable administrative reports
    • Quick information transfer capability – Via the internet to your computer for report generation

   Benefits of quality Health Risk Assessments are:

    • Identification of current health risks
    • Help in reducing identified risks
    • Suggestions on improving your health
    • Reduced healthcare costs
    • Increased productivity

   Process of HRA:

      1. If you are a registered user, then you need to enter your unique ID & click on ‘Login’. If you are a non registered user, then you need to directly click on ‘Start now’
      2. If you are logging in for the first time, or if your details are incomplete, you will be asked to fill them out.
      3. Initially you have to answer questions based on yourself, followed by your medical history along with family medical history. This is your "Primary Risk Assessment" which identifies your areas of risk.
      4. Based on your responses to the Primary Risk Assessment, you will be given a few suggestions along with a personalized list of questionnaire that you need to fill in. These questionnaires form your "Secondary Risk Assessment" which helps in identifying the level of risk.
      5. After filling your Secondary Risk Assessment, you will be given a score which will help you evaluate your current health status.
      6. The final result for the further investigation will be generated based on the primary & secondary questionnaire.

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